January 24, 2008

Anybody have 640K I can borrow?

Hey Tsonga, you just earned 640k for pummelling Rafa Nadal in three relatively easy sets - how do you feel?


Ok, something weird has been going on at the 2008 Australian open. Since the quarterfinals have begun there have been nothing but one-sided straight-set demolitions. Hantuchova (and her surprisingly good tennis does deserve a mention) was the only loser that bothered to take a set.

True, it has been lacking drama a bit. One of my favorite readers Alyssa F asked if the tourney has met my expectations thus far. Alyssa F, I must say - after giving your question very serious consideration - it has.

Here's why: The emergence of Jo-Wilfried aka float like a butterfly sting like a bee Tsonga. What he has done thus far to perk the collective imaginations of those that are searching for an heir to the throne, and what he still could possibly do (both in the impending Men's Final and throughout his career), is enough to keep my interest at a very high level. So because of Tsonga, and because of the highly dynamic and inspiring performances of other characters too, namely Sharapova, Djokovic, Ivanovic, and Nadal, I must say I couldn't have asked for more. Yes, I could have been given more. Like 2 more sets from Rafa Nadal, or 1 more set from Justine Henin. But hey, sometimes life, microcosm for tennis that it is, is just that ironic, don't you think?

Thankfully, we have the Federer v. Djokovic semifinal and the woman's and men's final still to come. The story isn't written yet, and anything can happen in any one of these matches. TRANSLATION: I think there is one more classic match bound to happen here, and fuck if I'm going to miss it.

Congrats to the newest members of the 640 k club. (that's dollars for tennis y'all)

Jo-wildfried aka float like a butterfly sting like a bee Tsonga.
Maria aka the princess Sharapova.
Anna aka squeaky shoes Ivanovic.