January 17, 2008


*We are down to 32 men and 32 women.

Baghdatis and Safin are currently battling it out for the last spot.

It is 10:17 p.m. Thursday, Jan 17 Aussie time. As I mentioned in a previous blog I have changed my watch to reflect the appropriate time zone. Aussie time is 19 hours ahead of SF.

I must admit I feel a bit tennised-out. Man I've been watching a lot of fucking tennis since Monday. I'll be ok though. A cup of morning coffee and a visit to my therapist and it'll be on to day 5 with a clean slate.

Safin is down a set and just went up 4-3 in the second. He really has one of the most dynamic serve motions in all of tennis. But the idiot is serving less than 50% on his first serve. Safin is a very interesting character. Some say enigmatic but I'm beginning to think A.D.D. I have the feeling that if you gave his toolbox to someone else that that person would have won 6 majors by now. That being said, the guy can really hammer the ball with authority when he's in his groove. It's pleasing to watch.

He is the last man to win a major other than Nadal or God aka Federer.

He has not won a tourney since the Australian Open in 2005. 53 tourneys.

He has not been to the Quarters of a slam since his run at the Australian Open in 2005.

It's been a long time. I was a virgin back then.

Currently, he's getting smoked by a chain-smoker.

I'll keep this post open 'til this match ends, and then I am going to friggin' bed. I would like to thank all my readers for their tremendous loyalty and support. I currently have 4.15 million readers in the U.S. Needless to say, we have loftier goals.

(final recounts of the baghdatis match)

10:34 PM: A sick point at duece, and I mean sick, with the players exchanging raucous blow after raucous blow - it goes to Baghdatis. He wins the next point and goes up 5-4 with a chance to serve for the set.
10:39 PM: Baghdatis fights off a break point (This has crucial implications).
10:40 PM: Baghdatis takes the second and it all hinged on those two crucial points. Very clutch. This Baghdatis chap is looking to take a run at Lleyton Hewitt in the round of 32.
11:14 PM Safin takes set three. It's 4:14 A.M at headquarters, in case you care.
11:53 PM Safin takes set four. Holy shit.
12:25 AM Baghdatis, calm and collected throughout (he didn't break his racquet, Safin did) prevails, 6-4, 6-4, 1-6, 3-6, 6-2.
I'll just say it... those words you are never prepared to hear...



Henin, Sharapova, Jankovic, Mauresmo, Vaidisova, and V. Williams, among others, will be in action on the ladies side.

Nadal, Roddick, Youzhny, Gasquet, Tsonga, and Fish, among others, will be in action for the men.

8 matches from boys and girls each.