January 26, 2008


The Princess runs away with it in straight sets!

I can't honestly say that this was a particularly impressive or captivating final. Both girls can really slug it out from the baseline, there is no doubt about that, but neither displayed any finesse at all. I think there were two volleys the whole match.

I don't know, maybe it's because I don't like listening to the Princess shreik. Or watching her father pump his fists. I can't really explain it. But I'm not thrilled about the results on the women's side. Hopefully Tsonga and Djokovic will give me something to remember tonight.

As cute and wonderful as Ivanovic is, she played tight and even when Sharapova handed her a first set break by double-faulting three times in one game, she handed it right back.

The result? Yet another straight set drubbing. Yawn.

But don't let me take anything away from Sharapova, she really slugged the ball effectively, and she was very accurate. Her serve was awesome and her intensity was laudable. If she continues to play this way she may grab a few more trophies this year before it's all over.

That being said, I miss the old Sharapova, the one with the bad shoulder, the one who sits quietly while other, better-behaved girls, compete for major championships.

What can I say, I follow my heart, and my heart says that until Sharapova has her vocal chords removed voluntarily, I'll never be thrilled about her winning a title, no matter how great she plays.