January 14, 2008

Turn off your tv sets!!!!

Because of this woman the best match of the tourney may have already been played. Turn your tv sets off it's over - NOT!!!

Yes, she played like a manic depressive adrenaline-junky who just lost her boyfriend. But hey, the #3 seed won, as predicted. What wasn't predicted is that she'd participate in a 22 game 3rd set that included 15 breaks of service. I can't believe it. There were 21 breaks in the match (which totalled 38 games). That's a lot. 21. That's fucking magnanimous.
Is the 17 year old Austrian, Tamara Paszek, currently ranked 39 in the world, so awesome at returning serve?

Jankovic, the 22 year-old Serbian, lost 53 % of her service points. You didn't have to watch the match to see that she didn't serve well. You could just read that last sentence and go back to shovelling snow.
She advanced to the final 16 in every major last year so she will have to shake whatever demons are currently plaguing her. I heard today that she's been having some hamstring problems. I would rub her hamstrings, incidentally, if she was short a trainer.

This was an awesome match. And it bodes well for the potential wow-factor of the tourney. Jankovic was down 5-3 in the third set. She was also down a game several times later in the set, with her ass about to get tossed from the tournament by a relative unknown. Somehow she pulled a Houdini and won that set 12-10.

12-10. 12-10!!! That is such a cool score for a set. I'd be proud no matter what side I was on. These girls played for over three hours. It was nearly an upset special on a grand scale. A number 3 seed losing in the first round is something to chew on for sure.

Stay tuned, my homies!!!