January 11, 2008

Australian open 2008 - 2 days away!

Some people are sex-starved. Others are attention-starved. I, my friends am a different story. Just deal with it, Ok? I am who I am. I am tennis-starved. Sure, sex is great, but it ain't like being in front of your idiot box with Nalbandian v. Federer about to do battle in the quarterfinals. A scorching Australian sun to usher in the new year means one thing to a tennis-starved individual. 1/4 of the quality tennis of 2008 is about to be played. Lights, camera, motherfuckin' action.

You people who are sex-starved or attention-starved might not understand me. You can feed your addictions any time. For me, the tennis-starved individual, I must wait patiently for the 8 weeks of Major tennis to arrive. That's 8 weeks out of 52 where tennis steps into the limelight. Where the all the faces and voices of tennis book plane tickets to the same destination. Where debilitating injuries are overlooked. Where big money is dwarfed by the even bigger money that is on the line here.

8 out of 52 weeks is not a lot. Even Baseball or football-starved lads or lassies can't understand this. It has been a long time since the U.S. Open. Fuck yeah, I was there. And you know what? I've nearly shriveled up since. Sure the U.S. beating Russia in the Davis cup final was like a designer drug - it took me out of this mundane tennisless reality for a while, but then I came crashing right back down to earth. It only left me wanting more. Short of breath and suffering fits of panic, I have successfully waited out the Holidays. Now it is time for me and all tennis-starved indivuduals to experience true euphoria!!! On January 14th we will be legitimized!

Ok ok ok, you guys get it. I am not sex-starved. I am not attention-starved (okay, maybe) - I am tennis-starved! But only for 2 more days, because on Sunday night in the U.S., Live tennis from Australia will be broadcast right into the friendly confines of my apartment. Long Live Direct TV! Stay tuned for Constant updates and ramblings regarding the first tennis major of 2008.

For now here are some links so you can look at the draws. Unfortunately Mike Farquhar, after gaining the first seed, has elected not to attend the tournament, as he has several squirrels under his care, some of which are readying for the SAT's (Squirrel achievement tests).




Cheers until the next update.