January 13, 2008

Time to Adress some of your comments!

Wow, it is only day 1 of the tournament and the feedback I have been getting from readers is absolutely off-the-hook!

Francisco V. from San Francisco said "Warriors!!!" Hmmm...I guess he means to say he prefers basketball to tennis this time of year - Fuck him then!!

Dave F from Connecticut (a legendary professional athlete who now coaches and teaches at many reputable institutions) said (about the tournament) "That will be a tough one to get into right now. I'm so into the NFL Playoffs this year." Hopefully Dave F will find some time to check back in as the field narrows down.

Katy F from Santa Cruz, Ca. commented that (about the blog's color pattern) "she dug the green."

Mike F from NY says "i fuckin love the blog. i'm tuned in. be looking forward to more. i love the pictures." I knew there was a reason I loved that kid.

Joe R from NY wrote "Squirrel madness, no diggidy!" (If anyone can help me decode that, I'd be much obliged).

I just wanted to say how much your passion and enthusiasm for the sport of tennis matters to me. It is you guys who are making this whole endeavor an enjoyable experience. keep it up! And please, feel free to post your comments on the comment section of the blog. It would mean a lot to me!!!!

Let me get back to the tennis, as there is currently men and women's singles action on 15 different courts.


And if so, is his stomach feeling better?

Roger, aka god, was briefly hospitalised last week due to a stomach illness. Conspiracy theorists like myself wonder if he was poisoned by someone who has a lot of money on someone else to win the tourney. I guess you never know with tennis these days.

So, will the fact that god, aka Roger Federer, hasn't played an ATP event since November in Shanghai, have any bearing on his performance in the land down under? Only time will tell.

The top seeded guru is gunning for his 13th major, and 3rd consecutive Australian open. Last year he did not lose a set here. I couldn't find a picture of him in a bikini so this is all you get. The first match of the tourney is less than 6 hours away.